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Maintenance and use of electronic truck scales

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Electronic vehicle weighing equipment maintenance precautions:

First, the use of personnel and management personnel to be trained and certified to work, after training qualified use, management personnel have more professional theoretical knowledge skills, more conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the weighing machine.

Second, do a good job of daily inspection and records, keep the scale body and instruments clean and hygienic, the scale body around the foundation between the debris card or top to ensure the flexibility of the scale.

3. Maintain the sensor regularly, maintain the normal and correct connection between the indenter, steel ball and scale table of the sensor, check and apply lubricating oil frequently, and keep tight.

Fourth, regularly check the lightning protection facilities to ensure the normal work of the lightning protection device, lightning protection is a more important protective measure of the electronic automobile weighing device, the instrument and sensor damage in the automobile weighing device is caused by lightning strikes.

5. Do a good job of rat prevention and drainage facilities, regularly check and clean drainage facilities to prevent rain soaking.

6. Do a good job of rust prevention of the scale body, regularly paint the scale body, and protect the steel structure of the scale.

7, do a good job of maintenance of instruments and sensors, thunderstorms and lightning weather to stop use, and turn off and unplug the power plug, to prevent damage to the instrument or sensor due to lightning strikes. Eight is to keep the junction box dry, when conditions permit, the junction box can be placed in the control room (scale room) to prevent moisture and facilitate installation and commissioning.

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