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Taian Taishan Dingfeng Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd

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In order to better serve customers, our company set up the customer service department, mainly responsible for user service and maintenance technical training, timely feedback user comments and suggestions, in order to improve and improve product quality.

Service goal: Zero complaints

Service items: weighing instrument installation and commissioning, weighing instrument inspection and repair, weighing instrument maintenance and cultivation, weighing instrument large and medium repair, weighing instrument mechanical and electrical transformation, weighing management software, weighing instrument product technology upgrade.

Quality assurance measures:

Our company has a quality management and quality inspection department under the direct leadership of the general manager, independent exercise of quality veto. And has a 'company-level workshop (team level)' three-level quality management network. All departments perform their duties in strict accordance with the Quality Manual. From market research, marketing to after-sales service, activities that have an impact on quality are under control and under control. The company's organizational functions are clearly divided, the quality system procedures and quality documents are sound and effective, and the quality records are complete, which ensures the traceability and stability of product quality.

In terms of technical service, timely, thoughtful and enthusiastic pre-sale, sale and after-sales service is our company's characteristic, the company provides a full range of services for all products ordered by users in inquiry and technical negotiation; After the product is sold, there is a mature regular return visit system. When the user needs service, the fastest speed to arrive at the scene.

In the raw materials into the company and the group, supporting selection, the company in strict accordance with the quality assurance system procedures, the selected groups, components are accepted by the mechanical department, the industry recommended products.

The manufacturing quality is the responsibility of the special process inspectors and the quality inspection department who are fully responsible for the quality of the process, and there is a 'stoppage to be inspected', any defects with hidden product quality are eliminated in the bud, ensuring the quality control of the whole process.

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Taian Taishan Dingfeng Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd
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