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Taishan Dingfeng weighing apparatus tells you how to lightning protection for the weighbridge

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Tai 'an Taishan Dingfeng Weighing Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development and production of weighbridge for many years, and has a one-stop solution for electronic truck scales. Just after the summer, Taishan Dingfeng scale survey found that many weighers because of frequent lightning losses in the summer, as a responsible large enterprise, Taishan Dingfeng scale specifically summarized for users how to lightning protection several methods, today by the author to organize and share with you.

Electronic weighing technology is a complex comprehensive protection system in the coal mine at the same time, requires the measurement performance of the weighbridge, does not affect the normal use of weighing instrument, which is the key electronic weighing instrument, lightning characteristics, but also design difficulties, we follow the requirements of modern lightning protection technology, established a 'comprehensive protection system protection, step by step pressure, limit' comprehensive protection gratitude, do: The optimization technology is economical, reasonable, effective, safe and reliable, in addition to considering the particularity of the scale structure, the specific location in the lightning disaster is reduced to the lowest level.

1, the weight sensor, instrument and other electronic weighing accessories most complete, special equal potential lightning protection. Equipotential protection is the core and foundation of lightning protection system of electronic weighing apparatus. When lightning strikes, in a strong lightning current and for Earth day, due to the grounding wire resistance and inductance, so the entire weighing system in the ground generates tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of volts of high potential, potential electronic weighing accessories, and even the entire system is devastating. The system for the whole weighing system part (sensors, instruments and computers) of the various interfaces, the corresponding equipotential protection, so that the potential of the whole weighing system based on the ground potential changes, this avoids the lightning current generated a high potential of the electronic weighing damage.

2, close the sensor and weighing platform connection channel, except for the discharge channel that provides current. Only equipotential protection is not enough, and the electrical connection between the sensor and the weighing platform must be cut off. The output end of the sensor is connected to the diversion device, and a weighing body is connected to the ground, when the lightning current sensor, through the shunt device, so that the lightning current does not pass through the sensor and into the earth, so as to avoid the damage of the electromagnetic field generated by the lightning current to the sensor.

3. Make multi-level power system lightning protection. In the power supply system with the computer system using a multi-level lightning protection equipotential connection, ground the electrode and then received. Electronic weighing system, power system using three levels of lightning protection, lightning protection module is installed in the first level of power supply system power switch, two level power supply lightning protection module installed in the power supply, the third level power supply lightning protection module installed in the equipment, in addition to a total of three levels of lightning protection, and with the scale body, do equal potential.

4, heavy (including weighing platform) building lightning protection and grounding (grounding). The weighing platform is built on a single grounded electrode consisting of a base, ground pound lightning protection and grounding (grounding), the entire system of weighing platforms. Therefore, the entire weighing system has the potential of a base, and the indoor equipment and ground equipotential connector enclosures are connected, which may vary with the fluctuation of the ground potential when lightning strikes, ensuring the safety and health of the overall electronic weighing system.

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