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Characteristics and uses of Taishan Dingfeng weighing instrument

Release time:2022-11-04hits:212

Compared with the traditional mechanical weighing instrument and other ground weighing instrument, the automobile weighing instrument produced by Tai 'an Taishan Dingfeng Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. has many significant advantages: such as rapid weighing, accurate, high sensitivity, digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stability, reliability, long life, especially in dangerous and harsh environments, it can better reflect the role of electronic weighing instrument. The whole automobile weighing system has a stable and reliable high-precision sensor and intelligent instrument display, the instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, high resolution, stable and reliable, easy to print, if the weighing management system is composed of computers and weighing software, it can also realize the long-distance transmission of weighing and centralized automatic management.

The scale system of the truck scale also has many advantages, such as: light weight of the scale (the platform is an ultra-thin steel structure), easy to place, carry, installation, debugging and maintenance is very convenient, you can use shallow foundation pit and no foundation pit 2 installation forms, and the foundation construction investment cost is low.

Truck scales are generally used in ports, airports, mines, metallurgy, factories and other bulk cargo vehicles weighing calculation.

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